Cutting-edge office technology whether your business is large or small.

NEC SL1100 Communications Solution

The SL1100 provides several smart features along with rich functionality expected of much larger systems, while not requiring your business to deploy expensive data equipment.

NEC’s SL1100 also allows you to increase employee productivity with powerful features such as conference, Automated Attendant, Call Forwarding and much more that help you communicate and work more effectively.

One Solution Group NEC SL 1100

Desktop handsets include intuitive features the whole team can use without the need for training. Basic features include shortcuts that speed up working processes and empower your team to quickly become productive.

• SL1100’s Mobile Extension allows employees to be contactable using their office number from anywhere, ensuring they never miss an important call.

• With Voicemail Notification employees can monitor their voice mailbox effortlessly from wherever they are, allowing them to easily prioritise their messages and streamline their workflows.

• Home or remote users can use their IP handsets to communicate with the same ease as if they were in the office.

• SL1100’s Auto Attendant feature ensures callers are automatically routed to the correct department without the need for receptionist intervention, enabling a more efficient and responsive level of customer service.

• With the conference feature employees can set up a virtual meeting on short notice, wherever they are allowing for faster business decision making.

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Innovative desktop applications that increase efficiency and productivity

One Solution Group NEC business phones

UNIVERGE® SV8100 & UC Desktop Suite

UNIVERGE SV8100 & UC Desktop Suite is a unified communications solution designed specifically for the UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server that enhances an organisation’s efficiency and productivity. Communications play an important role in building and maintaining business relationships.

Whether a business is small, medium or large, how effectively you communicate with customers, resellers, key suppliers and business partners can be the difference between business won and business lost.With the right communication tools, especially in smaller businesses with limited resources, it enables you to do more with less – resulting in increased efficiency and productivity which in turn leads to improved customer satisfaction.

One Solution Group NEC office phones

NEC’s UNIVERGE SV8100 UC Desktop Suite delivers to you an integrated unified communications (UC) solution for your UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications Server that enhances your organisation’s productivity and collaboration. Specifically developed for small to medium size businesses, it is a scalable, feature-rich solution that simplifies communications management and enables complete mobility.

Innovative desktop application that increases efficiency and productivity

Simplified call management through easy to use graphical user interfaces

Presence for real-time status and availability of colleagues

Offers quick messaging to one or multiple colleagues

Provides Microsoft® Outlook® calendar integration

Enables simplified call handling for operators and attendants

Provides seamless integration with UNIVERGE SV8100 Series Automatic

Call Distribution application for contact centre functionality.

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