We take a closer look at a few leading mobile business apps designed to increase productivity and streamline operations. For a breakdown of all business applications we sell and service, please visit our mobile apps for business page.

Introducing the all new Canvas 8


  | Review Replace cumbersome paperwork and manual data entry with streamlined, customisable mobile apps with the all new Canvas 8.


Collect: The intuitive easy to use drag-and-drop features in the brand-new App Builder and Report Designer make it a snap to get started.

Share: More than 20,000 fully customisable mobile templates, and an extensive catalog of 500+ web apps including QuickBooks, Google Sheets, Salesforce and SQL are now available.


Learn: Generate real-time spreadsheets and reports with Canvas Analytics. Other features include Folders and Departments to support Enterprise clients.


Perfect app for businesses on the go like: pest control, electrical and plumbing.


*Comes with a 30 day free trial period. Inquire with us!


docusignDocuSign   |  Reviews
DocuSign™ is a simple and secure way to electronically prepare and send documents for signing, whether you’re in the office or on the move.


Slow and error-prone paper-based processes are a thing of the past. Use DocuSign for legal and contractual purposes, event registrations, front desk sign-in, IT change requests, work orders and more.


Save time, reduce shipping and supply costs. Ask us how to integrate it into your environment yourself or get our support team to help.


deputy logoDeputy   |  Review
Robust and easy to use employee job scheduling and workforce management. Collate staff details, hours, availability together and easily generate reports & manage staff. Integrate easily with major payroll packages like MYOB, QuickBooks, NetSuite, etc.


Improved rostering 
Rostering is simple so reducing scheduling changes and double ups is much easier to avoid.


Efficient workforce utilisation
Find available staff to minimise downtime for your business when staffing changes occur.


Payroll efficiency
Easily integrate Deputy into your existing payroll system to ensure employees are getting paid correctly and on time.


A simple solution to a common problem
Record when your staff start and end shifts so your business has an accurate audit trail.


For a breakdown of all business applications we sell and service, please visit our mobile apps for business page.