Personalise the experience with the largest set of capabilities built to work together from the start.

Change fast

Deploy in minutes, add new channels instantly and innovate with a product built for change.

Make it simple

Give agents, supervisors and admins a single, intuitive interface that makes it easier to serve customers.

Reduce costs

Having everything built in avoids costly development, integration and ongoing support services.

Make it easy to turn on a wide range of capabilities

Use what you need, when you need it — it’s all built in.

Voice and digital channels

  • Connect with customers the way they want — phone, chat, email and social channels.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

  • Prompt callers to serve themselves using speech recognition and touch.

Outbound dialing

  • Run campaigns with the right dialing mode — predictive, power, preview and more — to reach more customers proactively.

Workforce engagement management (WEM)

  • Empower employees with multichannel recording, quality management, workforce management and more.

Reporting and analytics

  • Get a complete view of your contact centre with clear and accurate insights across all channels.

Business communications

  • Extend collaboration and communications tools to those outside the contact centre.

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Easily integrate with the systems you use

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Network Services

LAN administration services include:

  • Network Infrastructure Maintenance
  • Server Administration
  • Internet and Email Administration
  • Software Licence Management
  • Virus Management
  • Backup and Archival Services
  • Training
  • LAN Security management

The LAN administration services will be provided by dedicated LAN Administration personnel either onsite or remotely. It is expected that the LAN Services staff will spend the majority of their time between the different Customer offices.

In addition to these services, One Solution IT will provide on-going planning and recommendations
for continual improvement of the Customer IT environment.

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Transition Services

IT Transition Services

One Solution IT defines transition as the process through which responsibility for the provision of IT services is transferred from the current service provider to One Solution IT with no degradation of service quality.

The primary objective for transition is to manage a seamless transition of the incumbent service provider over to One Solution IT and support Customer business as usual according to the proposed service levels. Once transition is completed (estimated at two weeks), One Solution IT will investigate continuous improvement opportunities.

IT Transition

  • The identification and mitigation of risks associated with takeover of control of the services and the ongoing
  • management of those services
  • Manage the seamless crossover of control and responsibility of ‘in-scope’ functional services from Customer to One Solution IT, whilst maintaining stable, steady operation of the services within the scope of the contract
  • Introduction and/or assignment of responsibility for third party contracts from Customer to One Solution IT
    Complete activities that will lay down a platform for the delivery of an improved cost/service value equation to Customer.


  • Kick off meeting prior to taking over network services
  • Key points of interest moving forward
  • Initial points of frustration with current environment
  • Action Plan moving forward
  • Mitigation of risk for all parties involved

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Server Administration


Managing and monitoring the performance server data. with software and security updates.

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  • Managing users and groups (add, deletes, edits)
  • Manage logins and passwords
  • Develop group policies
  • Managing domains
  • Creating and managing file systems

Server software

  • Performance tuning and optimization
  • Disk Capacity Management
  • Managing resource shares and drivers
  • Review system logs and configure server security
  • Performing server backups and restores
  • System documentation
  • Contact

Network Infrastructure Maintenance

Services include:

  • servers, and printers.
  • Resolving outages and performance degradations
  • Tracking usage and bandwidth
  • Managing capacity
  • Accurately planning for growth
  • Documenting the environment
  • Managing third party relationships
  • Manage the performance and availability the LAN and WAN
  • Installation, configuration, management and monitoring of routers, firewalls, switches, patch cabling,

The network maintenance service is a proactive fault, performance, and availability management service for Customer LAN and WAN.

A network audit is performed during the transition stage; the audit includes a hardware audit, network performance and capacity analysis, a server performance and capacity analysis.The results are documented and used to form the baseline for SLA measurement purposes. The results of the network audit may identify a requirement to redesign aspects of the network and its components, such as the redeployment of underutilised resources.

Where these opportunities are identified, One Solution IT will put forward a proposal including a business case and network schematics for Customer management to consider. Redeployment of resources is considered part of the continual improvement process, a normal day-to-day operation, and not separately billable. Billable special projects would include projects that do not fall within the scope of the proposal and require the introduction of resources that are not a part of the day-to-day service delivery. Relocating an office for example is not considered business as usual and would require a significant investment in time and resources. It would be quoted separately.

The IT administration engineers will perform the majority of the network maintenance services onsite. Where applicable, remote access administration will be used to provide immediate support, technical troubleshooting and assistance with resolution of LAN and WAN issues.

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Telstra apps marketplace

Combining a suite of cloud-based software solutions, the Telstra Apps Marketplace delivers employment and customer relationship management, accounting services, and much more. Scaleability matters. Business Management and Accounting provides a range of flexible options to suit businesses of all sizes.

Applications designed for business, rich with features including

  • Human resource management, specifically designed to navigate changes in Australian workplace laws.
  • Customer relationship management services that create and maintain a clear customer data, from first contact to purchase, and post-sales.
  • Accounting services for bookkeeping, and easy access to financial transactions and reports.

Workforce Guardian

Two versions are available:

  • Workforce Guardian Essential– for organisations seeking to comply with current Australian Employment laws and manage day to day hiring and termination processes.
  • Workforce Guardian Professional– for organisations who want to actively manage their staff.

An affordable online employment relations service, designed for Australia’s employment laws.

Changes to dismissal laws and the current economic impact on business customers will put pressure on them to comply at a low price point.

Workforce Guardian gives business customers an affordable and easy to use service. If you’re a business needing a service that complies with new employment laws then Workforce Guardian Essentials is right for you.

Workforce Guardian Professional

Complements organisations who want to actively manage their staff.

  • Dashboard showing latest activity for Employees or independent contractors; Contracts/Documents, Alerts, Notes and News.
  • Easily create six different types of employee contracts and agreements that are ready to sign in minutes.
  • 13 HR processesorganised in 3 sections -hiring , managing and exiting.
  • Over 67 customisable HR policies.
  • Access over 80 guides, checklists, forms and templates that you can customise.
  • Allows for up to 10 users.
  • Access best practice, step-by-step processes and procedures such as; How to Build Compliant Agreements, Performance Management and Unfair Dismissal.
  • Have one source to securely access and manage employee details and contracts that is available 24/7.
  • Generate workplace policies or your own employment handbook that can be communicated to your staff.
  • At a glance, see when probation end dates are due by using our Employee Alerts and Employee Notes functions.
  • Get latest news and industry articles about workplace relations and employment law.
  • Design the system the way you want to use it – Workforce Guardian provides 3 different levels of user access to confidential employee information.

Workforce Guardian Essential

Complements organisations seeking to comply with current Australian Employment laws and manage day to day hiring and termination processes.

  • Dashboard showing latest activity for Employees or Independent Contractors,  Contracts/Documents and News.
  • Four types of contracts and agreements.
  • Nine HR processes organised in hiring, managing  and exiting sections.
  • 50+ guides checklist,, forms and templates.
  • Allows for up to five users.
  • A secure and centralised employee management system that allows Business owners or Line Managers to manage their staff and independent contractors in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Provides a Dashboard showing all latest activity for Employees/Contractors, Contracts generated/Document, Alerts/Notes News and Users.
  • Creates Employee files with Admin detail, Latest Contracts/ Documents, Alerts/Notes and Audit trail.
  • Creates compliant employment contracts easily in minutes using the contract wizard.
  • Access to a suite of processes, with the appropriate guides, checklists, forms and letters to guide SMB Managers through each process. Processes include for example:  hiring, building compliant agreements, performance management, dismissal, managing poor performance and termination.
  • Verified by leading law firm Clayton Utz and always compliant with Australian Employment Law.
  • Provides latest employment news for businesses.
  • Allows users to “ask an expert” through online case management.

All Workforce Guardian employment relations content is compliant with Australian Federal Legislation and has been verified by the Workplace Relations and Employment Division of Clayton Utz. Australia.

Manage a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of customers, from first contact to purchase and post-sales.

With modules for sales, marketing, and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM® delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process, enabling closer relationships with customers and helping to achieve new levels of profitability.

Offering a broad scope of architectural, deployment and licensing options designed to provide the maximum in flexibility to meet your business needs today and beyond.

Bring together sales, marketing and customer service to life. Easy to use and maintain, take care of administration, data management and reporting, freeing up time and resources for customer-facing functions.

Features & benefits

  • Gain qualified sales leads and opportunities.
  • Streamline sales through centralised, coordinated processes.
  • Be prepared for important customer interactions.
  • Find sales opportunities and service history.
  • Create a single view of each customer.
  • Focus marketing efforts using intelligent list and segmentation tools.
  • Execute smarter marketing campaigns with powerful analytic tools.
  • Understand what customers are need with reporting and analysis tools.
  • Respond faster to service issues and deliver solutions to customers in real time.
  • Resolve customer interactions according to desired service levels.
  • Use centralised scheduling and dispatching to manage resources and  coordinate services.

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Mobile Phone Solutions

What we do

Mobile services snapshot

Billing and Account Management
  • Data & MMS code service & support
  • Handset/accessory requests and delivery
  • Monthly detailed account analysis
  • Custom data usage analysis reporting
  • Complex billing queries & resolution
  • Detailed plan & pricing review requests
  • Connection fulfillment requests – Activating new services, upgrading existing services

From troubleshooting handset problems or to determining which mobile phones are best suited for your staff, we’re here for you.

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Our commitment to provide superior customer services gives you flexibility, control, and peace of mind. Experience a streamlined and stress-free way of making changes to your Telstra account, mobile, and IT related services with One Solution Group.

Troubleshooting & Other Services

  • New mobile connections (re-contracts, consolidations &
  • SIM replacements
  • PIN & PUK number request (unlock a locked sim)
  • Applying/refreshing/removing voicemail
  • Fixed line & data connection troubleshooting/relocation
  • Fixed line faults & tech support coordination
  • International roaming activation/deactivation & reminder
  • Individual line data activation/data barring
  • Suspension/removal of suspension for lost/stolen handsets
  • Service details queries (reporting individual mobile usage

Logistics / Repairs

  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery (ADL) Nationwide delivery through TOLL.
  • One Solution can repair in warranty & non warranty handsets as
    well as provide loan phones and walk-in servicing during regular
    business hours.

Your Advantage

We manage every aspect of your mobile services so you won’t have to.

Experience matter, with over 30 years experience, our
support team has exceptional mastery in handling day-to-day
Telstra™ Enterprise account management. One Solution
Group ensures you receive effective mobile service and
support in a timely, courteous manner.

Your time is valuable. With this single point of contact, you
can rely on the One Solution team to provide exceptional
Telstra™ service and support day in day out. We ensure your
experience is streamlined and removes the stress of making
changes on your Telstra™ account.

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CallN Integration Diagram


Why CallN?

Analyse calls, improve sales, train staff, maintain compliance and improve customer relationships. Packed with powerful yet easy-to-use reporting features, CallN software is used in over 50 countries.

CallN has an abundance of strengths and features, just some are listed below

Ease of use – CallN has an intuitive, easy-to-use software design so most people will use it easily right from the start. CallN customers continually provide positive feedback on this powerful but simple to use product.

Useful features – CallN allows customers to quickly review, listen, tag and take notes of every call, and allows any call to be easy share information,  together with a comprehensive audit of all calls so you always know who has done what to each call and when.

Powerful search – It’s not like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to CallN. With a brilliant but simple way to search through thousands of calls quickly and efficiently, you won’t have to feel lost in the data.

Elegant reporting – Create thousands of report types with just a few clicks of the mouse, and then schedule or email them to anyone automatically. Reports can be saved for later use virtually automating the entire data filtering and reporting process.

Cloud based – Customers can access secure, shared data safely and conveniently from anywhere with internet access. Cloud-based CallN computing also minimises the impact of internal IT expenditures.

Security by Design – Designed every step of the way with security in mind, with 2048 bit SSL certificates for all communication to and from the cloud and have the ability to encrypt our data at rest to provide a truly secure solution.

Scalable Architecture – As needs change, and call volumes increase or decrease, CallN will automatically scale to meet your needs anywhere from less than 1,000 to more than 1,000,000 customers.

Carrier Grade reliability – CallN has over 99.999% reliability which is considered carrier-grade. We can achieve this by designing high reliability & availability through every facet of our solution.

PBX and handset compatibility– Technology that works across several different handset and PBX types, CallN doesn’t force you to use just one system. Because it is compatible across many VoIP systems, integration into new or existing technology is widely accepted.

Data location sovereignty – CallN keeps its data in the country it operates in so data sovereignty issues are handled for companies that require this level of security.

Very reasonable pricing – There are no set-up costs and CallN is available for an easy-to-understand, low per-handset pricing model. Only pays for those handsets that need recording and nothing else. Retail pricing is available here:

A free Trial  CallN is free to use for up to 30 days. contact us today! 1800 ONESOLUTION

CallN by Telstra® Call Recording Dashboard

CallN records any and all VoIP calls both inbound and outbound, 24/7, and can be accessed from anywhere on CallN’s cloud-based server. Built-in functionality allows which handsets or soft phones to record, the type of call, and minimum call length. Recording for individual handsets can be temporarily or permanently disabled at any time by an administrator or optionally by a single user with the right authorisation.

Group, Tag, Rate and Annotate

Easily filter calls and data. Create custom groups for user handsets, and categorise calls by type. Individual calls can be annotated with comments or even use a rating feature for measurement or performance reports.

Analytics and Reporting

CallN can help provide valuable insight and be used as a tool for positive improvement and change by providing powerful analytics to help gain a better understanding of customer interactions. Improve sales and service skills of employees, and enhance business performance goals with measurable results.

Safe and Secure

Data security is crucial, so all communication between CallN cloud servers, our clients systems and internet browsers are secured using a 2048 bit secure SSL certificate. There is also an option to encrypt each call recording at rest on CallN cloud servers. Every aspect of CallN is designed to be secure at all levels and to only allow access to authorised users. To address data sovereignty concerns, CallN has various servers around the world and stores your data in your geographic region. For those located in the USA, data is stored securely in USA, EU customers in the EU, and Australian customers in Australia.

Application Integration

Integrate with popular CRM’s like  Salesforce and Highrise to gain even greater benefit to achieve productivity, sales goals.

Access from Anywhere

CallN is cloud based, so access is easy from anywhere in the world, 24/7, from any device with an internet connection. Quickly and easily access CallN from anywhere at anytime to manage your account.

CallN Integration Diagram

CallN Integration Diagram

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Telstra Cloud Services

Run in the cloud applications and more with secure virtual servers on Telstra data centres in Australia and international locations, multiple operating systems and a range of business-ready applications.

Our virtual servers can be created with pre-defined operating systems.With Telstra subscription and pay-as-you-go virtual server plans, customers get access to a wide variety of Microsoft and Linux operating systems.You can also improve your business productivity by adding one or a number of price competitive Microsoft applications to your virtual servers.


Need to start up a new website or run a basic application with low resource requirements? This is the virtual server plan you need to quickly get that project up and running. The XS plan gives you the ability to change and add more resources at any time – with no minimum term or installation fees. $200 per month plus GST



  • 2 CPUs
  • 4GB RAM
  • 300GB INTERNET USAGE (Transferred in/out)


If you need a little bit more power from the cloud and want to run up to four virtual servers with flexible configurations, the S plan is right for you. No minimum term or installation fees. $500 per month plus GST



  • 4 CPUs
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1250GB INTERNET USAGE (Transferred in/out)


We understand that your business needs can change at any time. With the ability to run up to eight virtual servers you’ll be ready to respond to changing market conditions. Sign up for Telstra M plan and have the flexibility to add extra resources and products at any time – with just a month-to-month plan commitment. $1000 per month plus GST



  • 8 CPUs
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1000GB STORAGE
  • 2500GB INTERNET USAGE (Transferred in/out)


Is your business expanding rapidly? Do you need more infrastructure? Have up to 16 virtual servers in the cloud and other scalable cloud resources. Include network and security add-ons to get the best out of your cloud solution – with no installation fees. $2000 per month plus GST



  • 16 CPUs
  • 32GB RAM
  • 2000GB STORAGE
  • 5TB INTERNET USAGE (Transferred in/out)


Does your business need a more complex and robust ICT environment? With just a month-to-month commitment, sign up for the XL plan and get the power of up to 32 virtual servers with scalable resources. Complete your cloud solution and add firewalls, private network connections and applications. $4000 per month plus GST



  • 32 CPUs
  • 64GB RAM
  • 4000GB STORAGE
  • 10TB INTERNET USAGE (Transferred in/out)

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