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Help Desk Services for Mobile, IT and Fixed Support

Our on-site, call centre and remote support personnel posses exceptional experience in handling the day-to-day maintenance of Telstra Enterprise accounts; mobile management, reporting and troubleshooting services; networking, virus prevention and recovery, as well as a full range of IT solutions.

Mobile Support Services Snapshot

Billing and Account Management

  • Data & MMS code service & support
  • Handset/accessory requests and delivery
  • Connection fulfilment requests/activating new services
  • Monthly detailed account analysis
  • Custom data usage analysis reporting
  • Complex billing queries & resolution
  • Detailed plan & pricing review requests
  • Basic mobile email set-up

Troubleshooting & Other Services

  • New mobile connections (re-contracts, consolidations & porting)
  • PIN & PUK number request (unlock a locked sim)
  • SIM replacements
  • Fixed line & data connection troubleshooting/relocation requests
  • Applying/refreshing/removing voicemail
  • Fixed line faults & technical support coordination
  • International roaming activation/deactivation & reminder service
  • Individual line data activation/data barring Service details queries
  • Suspension/removal of suspension for lost/stolen handsets


  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery (ADL)
  • Nationwide priority postal


  • For in-warranty, non-warranty, and loan phone services.
Combined with over 15 years of Telstra experience, Microsoft licensing and support certifications, we deliver our varied help desk services in a timely, efficient and courteous manner.

Our commitment to provide superior customer service gives you flexibility, control, and peace of mind.

Experience a streamlined and stress-free way of making changes to your Telstra account, mobile, and IT related services with One Solution.

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