ShoreTel Training

ShoreTel Training

Video Tutorials and Walk-throughs

An introduction to ShoreTel Connect

This short video provides the client application walk-through and showcases some important features of ShoreTel phones

Advanced ShoreTel Connect Tutorial

With advanced skills and self-paced recording, a detailed walk-through of the ShoreTel Connect client is reviewed featuring advanced application and phone features.

Module 1 – ShoreTel Connect Demo

One streamlined experience, from IM to call to conference to desktop share—Solution Architect Todd Cook demonstrates how ShoreTel Connect can simplify your communications and expand your capacity to get things done.

Module 2 – Distributed Architecture

ShoreTel’s outstanding reliability is based distributed system intelligence; Solution Architect Todd Cook explores the technical and business advantages of ShoreTel’s fundamental design.

ShoreTel for MS Dynamics Demo

Deepen customer relationships with every touch. The ShoreTel Premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration brings a new level of customisable, highly personal communication to customer interactions, combining voice capabilities with immediate access to comprehensive customer data.

ShoreTel Flex Demo

ShoreTel Flex pairs flexible IVRs with advanced call routing to help deliver great customer experiences. To learn more about features, check out the video demo here.