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Remote and Mobile work

If you have employees who work remotely or are often mobile, you need to ensure they have the same secure and reliable access to company information and systems as their office colleagues. The ShoreTel Connect mobility app enables businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees’ favourite smartphones and tablets with the company’s existing phone system, business applications, and processes, no matter where they are and with the simple touch of a single “Join” button.


Integrate smartphones, tablets and wearable devices into your phone system with the ShoreTel Connect mobility app. CSA can help enable businesses of all sizes to integrate their employees’ favourite smartphones and tablets with their existing phone system−securely, simply, and cost-effectively. Employees can BYOD (bring your own device) and stay connected from any location around the world on any network.


With ShoreTel, CSA can build you a phone system with unified communications (UC) built in, not bolted on. This means that we integrate all the key components for robust business communications—voice, email, instant messaging, presence,

Unified Communications

In today’s anytime, anyone, anywhere workplace, putting powerful collaboration tools in the hands of the workforce is essential to staying competitive. Easy to deploy, and intuitive to use, ShoreTel Connect collaboration harnesses the power and flexibility of brilliantly simple technologies to deliver full-featured collaboration tools – including instant messaging, reservationless audio conferencing, and multi-presenter desktop sharing.

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End to End Integration

ShoreTel is the only “all-in- one” premium communications provider who delivers and integrates ShoreTel phones, the ShoreTel-owned network operations center, the ShoreTel Connect software and applications, and a world-class customer service center.

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Making your Business Flexible and Agile

This flexibility means that you can also choose how you want to expense your communications system – as a monthly subscription operating cost where ShoreTel manages everything for you, or as a licensed product capital expense that you control and amortize over time.

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Moving and expanding

There are multiple ways you can choose to add offices. Depending on the IT resources you have to support new locations, whether you plan to make a capital investment to amortize new equipment over time, or you are looking for a monthly subscription service from the cloud, we have solutions to meet your needs.

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Upgrading your current phone system

How do you modernize while leveraging existing investments, integrate new solutions, decide when and how to move to the cloud, and future-proof your infrastructure in the face of flat budgets and IT resources? Let TBC-e help you customize an approach for updating your communications that makes sense for your business and provides you peace of mind for the future.

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Strategic Integration

Your communications platform decision is arguably the single most important decision you can make for your company’s top and bottom lines. That’s because it’s much more than the phone system. How you integrate communications with the other business applications and processes you have in your business – from CRM to ERP to Contact Centres to HR – can mean better collaboration and workflows, as well as faster time to information for your employees.

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