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George Papas

Managing Director

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General Manager

Our mobile plans and systems are extremely versatile, and can be tailored to your exact telecommunication requirements, so you can focus on your business’ growth

All of our service offerings are well-integrated and complementary of one another, providing you with a holistic technological system that is fit for purpose

IT Support

Our help desk is ready and waiting to answer any queries, diagnose any problems, and resolve issues great and small, so your system can continue to operate at its fullest potential.

At One Solution Group, we are 100% dedicated to providing all of our clients with reliable and versatile communication solutions. All of our systems are designed with businesses in mind, and assist in facilitating a productive, efficient and fully integrated work environment.

Our holistic approach to technology enables businesses to incorporate a myriad of solutions into their technological competences; from cloud, internet, and managed services, to web design, phone and mobile. We are equipped with all of the knowledge and experience required to recommend the most beneficial solutions specific to your business, and our software, hardware and telecommunication capabilities enable us to implement and manage systems that are second to none.

One Solution is your Premium Telstra Enterprise and Business Partner, and specialises in designing solutions to suit your business objectives, while supporting your day to day fulfilment needs.

As well as Telstra mobile account management, One Solution also offers a vast array of fixed and data services covering all aspects of telecommunications.

Our managed services include Data, IT, Business & Mobile Phones, Vehicle Tracking, Hardware and Accessories, Cloud Solutions, Security, Data, Digital Marketing, App Customisation and Managed Customer Services geared for business.

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Professional SEO services

IT Solution

Whether you operate an independent specialty business, manage a mid-sized firm, or run a large national corporate enterprise, our team of dedicated professionals are ready to provide the support and teamwork you demand.

Managing and monitoring the performance on a file systems.

Business continuity strategy is the development of a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan.

 Provided by dedicated LAN Administration personnel either onsite or remotely.

Manage the seamless crossover and control for IT services

Manage the performance and availability the LAN and WAN.

Experts who can work with you to diagnose and remove viruses.

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