Backup / Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity Services ensure critical business operations are not impacted through the loss of a major business processing resource. A key part of our business continuity strategy is the development of a detailed Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP). One Solution IT personnel consult with each client to design a custom plan, implement, and verify successful operations. Should the need occur, rest assured, critical infrastructure is protected with a well implemented DRP.

DRP Planning Includes
  • Risk Assessment & Business Impact Analysis
  • Recovery Strategy Development
  • Recovery Plan Development
  • Implementation

As a result of this plan, the purchase and installation of dedicated and/or shared disaster recovery capacity in the form of servers and/or end-user hardware may be recommended. Typically, within a desktop environment, this may take the form of spare servers on warm-standby, located at alternative sites. It may also necessitate some spare workstations for use by critical staff. As the details of the solution cannot be determined until the study has been conducted and the business requirements understood, the cost of actually implementing such a plan has not been included in this proposal. Twice a year One Solution IT will complete a Disaster Recovery Process in which to validate backup procedures and work with the business to develop aDisaster Recovery Plan that ensures clear defined steps to recovery.

LAN Security Management

One Solution IT also provides a LAN Security Management service to maintain authorised access control and integrity of the network. This service includes:

  • Configuration and management of Firewalls and Network permissions
  • Ensuring the integrity and currency of all LAN user id’s and passwords
  • Regular audit of server logs to check for suspicious activities, unauthorised logon attempts, and errors
  • Anti-virus protection

This process covers both reactive events such as responding to requests for user security changes, and pro-active events such as quarterly user re-validation or annual security review.

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