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Why CallN?
Analyse calls, improve sales, train staff, maintain compliance and improve customer relationships. Packed with powerful yet easy-to-use reporting features, CallN software is used in over 50 countries


CallN has an abundance of strengths and features, just some are listed below

Ease of use – CallN has an intuitive, easy-to-use software design so most people will use it easily right from the start. CallN customers continually provide positive feedback on this powerful but simple to use product.

Useful features – CallN allows customers to quickly review, listen, tag and take notes of every call, and allows any call to be easy share information,  together with a comprehensive audit of all calls so you always know who has done what to each call and when.

Powerful search – It’s not like finding a needle in a haystack when it comes to CallN. With a brilliant but simple way to search through thousands of calls quickly and efficiently, you won’t have to feel lost in the data.

Elegant reporting – Create thousands of report types with just a few clicks of the mouse, and then schedule or email them to anyone automatically. Reports can be saved for later use virtually automating the entire data filtering and reporting process.

Cloud based – Customers can access secure, shared data safely and conveniently from anywhere with internet access. Cloud-based CallN computing also minimises the impact of internal IT expenditures.

Security by Design – Designed every step of the way with security in mind, with 2048 bit SSL certificates for all communication to and from the cloud and have the ability to encrypt our data at rest to provide a truly secure solution.

Scalable Architecture – As needs change, and call volumes increase or decrease, CallN will automatically scale to meet your needs anywhere from less than 1,000 to more than 1,000,000 customers.

Carrier Grade reliability – CallN has over 99.999% reliability which is considered carrier-grade. We can achieve this by designing high reliability & availability through every facet of our solution.

PBX and handset compatibility– Technology that works across several different handset and PBX types, CallN doesn’t force you to use just one system. Because it is compatible across many VoIP systems, integration into new or existing technology is widely accepted.

Data location sovereignty – CallN keeps its data in the country it operates in so data sovereignty issues are handled for companies that require this level of security.

Very reasonable pricing – There are no set-up costs and CallN is available for an easy-to-understand, low per-handset pricing model. Only pays for those handsets that need recording and nothing else. Retail pricing is available here:

CallN by Telstra® Call Recording Dashboard


CallN records any and all VoIP calls both inbound and outbound, 24/7, and can be accessed from anywhere on CallN’s cloud-based server. Built-in functionality allows which handsets or soft phones to record, the type of call, and minimum call length. Recording for individual handsets can be temporarily or permanently disabled at any time by an administrator or optionally by a single user with the right authorisation.

Group, Tag, Rate and Annotate

Easily filter calls and data. Create custom groups for user handsets, and categorise calls by type. Individual calls can be annotated with comments or even use a rating feature for measurement or performance reports.

Analytics and Reporting

CallN can help provide valuable insight and be used as a tool for positive improvement and change by providing powerful analytics to help gain a better understanding of customer interactions. Improve sales and service skills of employees, and enhance business performance goals with measurable results.

Safe and Secure

Data security is crucial, so all communication between CallN cloud servers, our clients systems and internet browsers are secured using a 2048 bit secure SSL certificate. There is also an option to encrypt each call recording at rest on CallN cloud servers. Every aspect of CallN is designed to be secure at all levels and to only allow access to authorised users. To address data sovereignty concerns, CallN has various servers around the world and stores your data in your geographic region. For those located in the USA, data is stored securely in USA, EU customers in the EU, and Australian customers in Australia.

Application Integration

Integrate with popular CRM’s like  Salesforce and Highrise to gain even greater benefit to achieve productivity, sales goals.

Access from Anywhere

CallN is cloud based, so access is easy from anywhere in the world, 24/7, from any device with an internet connection. Quickly and easily access CallN from anywhere at anytime to manage your account.

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