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Department for Education Case Study

The Department for Education aims to give every child and young person public education in every community across our state. To make them feel safe, inclusive, and collaborative – a place where everyone is encouraged to contribute, develops positive relationships, has a say in their learning, and where their needs, interests, languages and cultures are recognized and supported.

From the Department for Education CIO


“We want to drive equality across our system, where every child, teacher, school and staff member have seamless access to the resources they need, regardless of their physical location. Connectivity was the first step and the mobility piece enables us to deliver devices into the hands of those who need it the most.”

Daniel Hughes, Department for Education CIO


The Department for Education previously managed its mobility program in-house, with a bespoke capability that often required manual tracking and intervention. 

  • Lack of visibility on users
  • Lack of visibility on bandwidth use
  • Difficulty assessing billing
  • No unified view of costs

The Department for Education were provisioning devices on an ad-hoc basis, with limited visibility over who was using them, how they were being used, or how much bandwidth they were consuming. It was also difficult to assess billing, with no unified view over how much individual services were costing.


The Department for Education required a specialist to manage their fleet as a part of a single, unified contract, simplifying their device management and providing a better view of billing.


Having identified the needs of the client, 1Solution implemented a billing, expense management and managed helpdesk system, with proactive account management.

1 Solution implemented a centralised platform that consolidates disjointed data sources for greater visibility, governance and control over multiple devices, services and costs; a managed service system that does it all. 1Solution led the end to end implementation of the platform involving an audit of the existing account, visibility and removal of services that were no longer required and allocation of numerous cost lines to the appropriate distribution streams.


The team who had been managing the paper-based billing processes have now been redeployed to over value adding services like problem resolution calls or having more strategic conversations regarding what's next or what's possible.


By implementing 1 Solution’s system, the Department for Education were provided complete visibility of all of their services managed through a co-managed, centralised platform with extensive capabilities beyond billing.



  • Cost effective and streamlined billing and expense management
  • Easy identification of unallocated or redundant services
  • Optimised processes, increased visibility and improved governance
  • Unified request capabilities removing the need for emails, manual requests and supporting effective account management.

The Department for Education are one of over 60 1Solution customers utilising this type of platform. The successful implementation of the system has transformed the management of previously complex billing structures providing extensive cost savings and efficiencies in ways of working to enable seamless day-to-day operations.


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