IT & Fixed Line Support

Support for IT services is available for current and prospective clients. Prospective clients will be provided with an hourly, or site estimate upon receipt of support request inquiry. For more information, please contact us during regular business hours at 1800 ONE SOLUTION.

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    Fixed Line Support Contact and Procedure

    Service Desk

    One Solution
    (08) 82159500 option 1

    Service Desk Team Manager

    Jimmy Moore
    (08) 82159588




    Raise Service Need

    • You raise your service need (e.g. request, incident or general support query) with the Service Desk via agreed communication channels listed in Your Service Offering
    • You must provide sufficient detail for the item to be recorded and progressed Record

    Record and Calssify

    • You receive confirmation we have received your request
    • Confirmation includes a unique reference for future communication
    • We record and classify the reasons for your contact so that your service need is efficiently processed and monitored through to completion.
    • Once sufficient information is provided, we assign your service need a service record so that there is a unique reference for subsequent communication
    • We forward your service record for appropriate processing

    Monitor Track and Communicate

    • We track and monitored your service record until
    • We provide you ongoing communication which
      Status updates
      Requests for additional details
      Notification of restoration

    Provide Updated or Additional Details

    • You are responsible for advising any changes that affects your service need, e.g. change in contact details or additional information




    • We contact you by phone to confirm restoration of your service
    • We also advise you of restoration by call and or by email

    Monitor Track and Communicate

    • You confirm your need has been met
    • For larger items, there may be detailed interactions to implement changes to your systems and processes, which you must confirm have successfully integrated with the changes we implement.


    One Solution Service Desk Direct: (08) 8215 9588