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Mobile Black Spot Audit

Identifying and Overcoming Connectivity Challenges

At 1Solution, we recognise that continuous mobile connectivity is vital for modern businesses and communities. Our Mobile Black Spot Audit service specialises in identifying and resolving areas with weak or non-existent mobile signals, commonly referred to as 'black spots'. Our goal is to enhance coverage and ensure reliable, seamless communication for our clients.

Our Process

  • Initial Assessment: Our journey begins with a comprehensive assessment of your area’s mobile coverage. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we identify the extent and locations of black spots.
  • On-Site Surveys: Our skilled team conducts meticulous on-site surveys, understanding the unique geographical and infrastructural factors that contribute to connectivity issues.
  • Data Analysis: The data gathered is thoroughly analysed to pinpoint the exact locations and causes of weak mobile signals.
  • Reporting and Recommendations: We provide a detailed report of our findings, complemented by customised recommendations to address and rectify these connectivity challenges.

Solutions Offered by 1Solution

  • Infrastructure Enhancements: We suggest and facilitate the upgrading or installation of new infrastructure, such as cell towers or repeaters, to improve signal strength.
  • Advanced Technology Solutions: Implementing cutting-edge solutions like small cells, distributed antenna systems (DAS), or signal boosters to expand coverage.
  • Network Collaborations: We help broker partnerships with network providers for comprehensive network improvements or targeted enhancements in specific areas.
  • Strategic Long-Term Planning: Offering strategic guidance for future-proofing against black spots, factoring in new developments and emerging technologies.


Why Partner with 1Solution for Mobile Black Spot Audits?

  • Proven Expertise: Our team brings extensive experience in telecommunications, backed by a deep understanding of mobile network technologies.
  • Customised Solutions: Recognising the unique challenges of each area, we tailor our solutions to effectively meet your specific needs.
  • Dedicated to Connectivity: Our commitment goes beyond audits; we are dedicated to enhancing mobile connectivity, ensuring that your business and community stay connected and thrive.

With 1Solution, you gain a partner committed to resolving mobile connectivity issues, ensuring uninterrupted communication for your operations, customers, and community.

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