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Tailored Asset, Billing & Management Services

Efficient Billing Management Services with 1Solution

Where Mobile Management & Telecom Expense Management is Easy

Popular Features

Customisable Catalogue
Purchase from a catalogue that matches your needs and aligns with your telco contracts. Tailor catalogues to your business.
Life-cycle Management
From a service record quickly action the correct moves, adds, changes and cancellation process. From any device record quickly manage its status; fast and easy transfers between users and pool stock. All actions at your fingertips.
User and Cost Centre Allocation
Allocate services and devices to Users and Cost Centres at the time of purchase; remove confusion when the bills arrive.
Universal Search
Fast fleet admin powered by the ability to quickly search a User, Service #, IMEI, Serial # or Asset Tag from one universal search function.
  • Efficient order workflows
  • Flexible order approval models
  • Insightful order status tracking
  • MSP vendor integration

Mobile lifecycle and telecom expense management in one platform.

Bring Administration, IT, Finance, HR and telecom vendors together in one central platform to deliver your organisation workflow efficiencyoptimisation of spend and improved reporting and governance.


  • Streamline the management of devices, services and expenses
  • Reduce fleet management from days to minutes
  • Eliminate waste, optimise spend, and generate a 1-3x ROI

Where Mobile Management & Telecom Expense Management is Easy

Choosing 1Solution for your billing management needs means benefiting from:


  • Consolidated Invoices: Receive all your Telstra service charges in one comprehensive invoice, making it easier to track and manage expenses.
  • Detailed Usage Reports: Gain insights into your telecom usage with detailed reports, helping you understand and optimise your spending.
  • Customised Billing Options: Tailor your billing structure to suit your business needs, whether it’s by department, project, or location.
  • Dispute Resolution and Support: Efficient handling of any billing queries or disputes, ensuring accuracy and client satisfaction.

Instantly understand cost movement through the power of Data Analytics

Popular features – Monitor & Control

Data Usage Monitoring
Cost centres and users typically have areas of interest where they seek more detail. Create and batch out customised reports on a regular basis.
Flexible Cost Allocation
Allocate cost centres to users, or directly to services, and have cost centre costs automatically calculated. Individual costs can be split across cost centres as required.
Bill Analysis
Instantly read what’s driving changes to the headline ‘New Charges’ on your bills. See the deeper trends and understand variances through the power of Data Analytics.
Cost Centre and User Reporting
Want users, cost centre managers and administrators to easily see and control spend? It starts with visibility. So, get the right information into their hands through targeted reporting.
Health Check
Quickly clean-up your service estate. Our Data Analytics engine provides you with actionable insights into areas such as Potentially Redundant Services, Costs without an owner, Services Cancelled but still billed, plus more.
Multi-Carrier Invoicing
Have visibility and manage all carriers billing in one platform.
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Customised reports
  • Asset management
  • Budget tracking

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