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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Prepare for the worst by partnering with the best

To ensure your critical business operations are not impacted due to a loss of a major business technology resource, you need a business continuity strategy.

At 1Solution, we are experts in developing business continuity plans and strategies for different businesses.

Your 1Solution IT personnel will sit down with you to design a custom plan and assist with its implementation as well as ensure its set up for success.

We Offer

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)

This includes:

  • Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis
  • Recovery Strategy Development
  • Recovery Plan Development
  • Implementation

As part of the DRP, we may recommend the purchase and installation of dedicated servers for shared disaster capacity and end user hardware. Within a desktop environment, this may take the form of spare servers on warm-standby, located at alternative sites. It may also necessitate spare workstations for use by critical staff.

Disaster Recovery Process

Twice a year, we complete a Disaster Recovery Process in which we validate backup procedures and work with you to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan. This will ensure clear defined steps for recovery that work.

LAN Security Management

Our LAN Security Management service maintains authorised access control and integrity of your network. The service includes:

  • Configuration and management of Firewalls and Network permissions
  • .Integrity and currency of all LAN user IDs and passwords.
  • Regular audit of server logs to check for suspicious activities, unauthorised login attempts and errors.
  • Anti-virus protection.

The process also covers reactive events including responding to requests for user security changes, pro-active events such as quarterly user re-validation and annual security review.

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