Combining a suite of cloud-based software solutions, the Telstra Apps Marketplace delivers employment and customer relationship management, accounting services, and much more. Scaleability matters. Business Management and Accounting provides a range of flexible options to suit businesses of all sizes.

Applications designed for business, rich with features including

  • Human resource management, specifically designed to navigate changes in Australian workplace laws.
  • Customer relationship management services that create and maintain a clear customer data, from first contact to purchase, and post-sales.
  • Accounting services for bookkeeping, and easy access to financial transactions and reports.

Workforce Guardian

Two versions are available:

  • Workforce Guardian Essential– for organisations seeking to comply with current Australian Employment laws and manage day to day hiring and termination processes.
  • Workforce Guardian Professional– for organisations who want to actively manage their staff.

An affordable online employment relations service, designed for Australia’s employment laws.

Changes to dismissal laws and the current economic impact on business customers will put pressure on them to comply at a low price point.

Workforce Guardian gives business customers an affordable and easy to use service. If you’re a business needing a service that complies with new employment laws then Workforce Guardian Essentials is right for you.

Workforce Guardian Professional

Complements organisations who want to actively manage their staff.

  • Dashboard showing latest activity for Employees or independent contractors; Contracts/Documents, Alerts, Notes and News.
  • Easily create six different types of employee contracts and agreements that are ready to sign in minutes.
  • 13 HR processesorganised in 3 sections -hiring , managing and exiting.
  • Over 67 customisable HR policies.
  • Access over 80 guides, checklists, forms and templates that you can customise.
  • Allows for up to 10 users.
  • Access best practice, step-by-step processes and procedures such as; How to Build Compliant Agreements, Performance Management and Unfair Dismissal.
  • Have one source to securely access and manage employee details and contracts that is available 24/7.
  • Generate workplace policies or your own employment handbook that can be communicated to your staff.
  • At a glance, see when probation end dates are due by using our Employee Alerts and Employee Notes functions.
  • Get latest news and industry articles about workplace relations and employment law.
  • Design the system the way you want to use it – Workforce Guardian provides 3 different levels of user access to confidential employee information.

Workforce Guardian Essential

Complements organisations seeking to comply with current Australian Employment laws and manage day to day hiring and termination processes.

  • Dashboard showing latest activity for Employees or Independent Contractors,  Contracts/Documents and News.
  • Four types of contracts and agreements.
  • Nine HR processes organised in hiring, managing  and exiting sections.
  • 50+ guides checklist,, forms and templates.
  • Allows for up to five users.
  • A secure and centralised employee management system that allows Business owners or Line Managers to manage their staff and independent contractors in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Provides a Dashboard showing all latest activity for Employees/Contractors, Contracts generated/Document, Alerts/Notes News and Users.
  • Creates Employee files with Admin detail, Latest Contracts/ Documents, Alerts/Notes and Audit trail.
  • Creates compliant employment contracts easily in minutes using the contract wizard.
  • Access to a suite of processes, with the appropriate guides, checklists, forms and letters to guide SMB Managers through each process. Processes include for example:  hiring, building compliant agreements, performance management, dismissal, managing poor performance and termination.
  • Verified by leading law firm Clayton Utz and always compliant with Australian Employment Law.
  • Provides latest employment news for businesses.
  • Allows users to “ask an expert” through online case management.

All Workforce Guardian employment relations content is compliant with Australian Federal Legislation and has been verified by the Workplace Relations and Employment Division of Clayton Utz. Australia.

Manage a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that provides the tools and capabilities needed to create and easily maintain a clear picture of customers, from first contact to purchase and post-sales.

With modules for sales, marketing, and customer service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM® delivers a fast, flexible, and affordable solution that drives consistent, measurable improvements in every business process, enabling closer relationships with customers and helping to achieve new levels of profitability.

Offering a broad scope of architectural, deployment and licensing options designed to provide the maximum in flexibility to meet your business needs today and beyond.

Bring together sales, marketing and customer service to life. Easy to use and maintain, take care of administration, data management and reporting, freeing up time and resources for customer-facing functions.

Features & benefits

  • Gain qualified sales leads and opportunities.
  • Streamline sales through centralised, coordinated processes.
  • Be prepared for important customer interactions.
  • Find sales opportunities and service history.
  • Create a single view of each customer.
  • Focus marketing efforts using intelligent list and segmentation tools.
  • Execute smarter marketing campaigns with powerful analytic tools.
  • Understand what customers are need with reporting and analysis tools.
  • Respond faster to service issues and deliver solutions to customers in real time.
  • Resolve customer interactions according to desired service levels.
  • Use centralised scheduling and dispatching to manage resources and  coordinate services.

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