The ShoreTel Solution

Communications made simple

The ShoreTel solution brings together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment.

Why ShoreTel from OneSolution?

Customer satisfaction has been consistently the highest in the industry, and with total cost of ownership the lowest, it’s worth serious consideration.


• Freedom of Choice

You can select either a premises-based IP phone system onsite, or a cloud managed system in our state of the art data centre. Built to scale, grow, and evolve as needed.

• End-to-end Integration

ShoreTel offers “all-in-one” communications and integrates phones, network operations, software and applications, and a world-class customer service centre. Easily integrate your business applications, processes, and workflows (like ERP and CRM) to fully leverage your investment.

• Moving the Business Forward

Our purpose-built solutions remove the barriers and complexity common with other providers’ solutions. With fewer resources tied up in a phone system, your teams are free to work on the real task at hand, moving the business forward.

• Industry Leading Performance

We are proud that our best of breed products and world-class customer service consistently receive industry awards and accolades for performance and innovation.

• ShoreTel Infrastructure = Peace of Mind

Modular architecture and N+1 redundancy gives your business the flexibility and configuration options you desire, so your business can operate normally, even if part of your network experiences an outage. Security provides peace of mind.

• Brilliantly Simple

Easy to use, maintain and to install. The ShoreTel solution can be up and running in less than half a day, reflecting our guiding principle to take the complexity out of communications.

Consider the benefits of enhancing your office communications platform.

We believe your communications platform is critical, and that technology should enhance communications making them transparent and natural. That’s why we’ve partnered as leading provider of ShoreTel products and services in South Australia.

Proudly serving Australian business owners for over 15 years, OneSolution is dedicated to serving your business communications needs now and in the future.