Time Tracker

Time Tracker replaces manual time sheets and helps give you visibility over which clients and projects are making money and how much time it takes for employees to complete a job. Employees can enter and track time from anywhere using a compatible tablet , mobile device or laptop. You can approve work hours and easily integrate the app with popular accounting software for faster billing and payroll with a network connection. Stay organised and up-to-date by managing your employees’ time and expenses with Time Tracker.

Better time efficiency
With Time Tracker, you can easily track client billing, project costing, time and attendance and expense management.

Reduce duplicate data entry
You can sync your employees’ time to QuickBooks®, Xero®, Gusto, Concur® or within Time Tracker itself with a network connection, eliminating double-entry for your accountant or bookkeeper.

More accurate reporting
Get a real handle on time spent on project-related tasks so you can allocate, measure and invoice for time across a wide range of industries, tasks, projects and clients.

Time Tracker is ideal for lawyers, solicitors, clerks, psychologists, engineers, surveyors and project managers. Time Tracker is also ideal for Tradies.