Mobile Tracking Solutions

Vehicle Tracking Solutions from Navman Wireless

One Solution Mobile and Data offer vehicle management and tracking solution which is designed to monitor all types of applications using the Global Positioning System in conjunction with mobile phone technology.


Included in these solutions is an advanced, extremely cost effective fleet management and asset tracking system, which can assist with improving productivity and security for small, medium and large fleets, and the user can simply access the information from any location at any time via an internet connection and web browser.


It is not restricted by geographical location, does not involve any lengthy contracts and includes national mapping as standard. In comparison to competitor products it has many advantages.

GPS tracking is a valuable tool if you’re running a fleet business. The technology provides updated and real-time information for round-the-clock business operations. It helps you monitor and track deliveries and make sure they are on schedule. When it comes to GPS Fleet Management technology, Navman Wireless provides the best solution for your business.

Some Key Features

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Keeping track of individual maintenance schedules for your fleet can be time- consuming and complicated. With the OnlineAVL2 Vehicle Maintenance tool, you have a single place to organise your maintenance schedule and receive alerts and visual warnings when you need to take action.

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This innovative feature allows you to easily review and identify anomalies within your fleet, by viewing over 60 key performance indicators in an easy to configure visual dashboard. See it at a glance then drill down to get details on a specific metric or graph.

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Receive notification if a vehicle is stationary for too long or used during outside of business hours. The time period for both activities can be defined right down to the individual hours of a day.

Monitor and manage all of your vehicles and assets together, from your PC or mobile device.

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