IT Transition Services

One Solution IT defines transition as the process through which responsibility for the provision of IT services is transferred from the current service provider to One Solution IT with no degradation of service quality.

The primary objective for transition is to manage a seamless transition of the incumbent service provider over to One Solution IT and support Customer business as usual according to the proposed service levels. Once transition is completed (estimated at two weeks), One Solution IT will investigate continuous improvement opportunities.

IT Transition

  • The identification and mitigation of risks associated with takeover of control of the services and the ongoing
  • management of those services
  • Manage the seamless crossover of control and responsibility of ‘in-scope’ functional services from Customer to One Solution IT, whilst maintaining stable, steady operation of the services within the scope of the contract
  • Introduction and/or assignment of responsibility for third party contracts from Customer to One Solution IT Complete activities that will lay down a platform for the delivery of an improved cost/service value equation to Customer.


  • Kick off meeting prior to taking over network services
  • Key points of interest moving forward
  • Initial points of frustration with current environment
  • Action Plan moving forward
  • Mitigation of risk for all parties involved

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