Do even more with your home phone with smart features that help you take messages, see who’s calling and much more.

Telstra Home Phone Features


A personal answering service for your phone. Available on NBN for no charge.

Duet® Phone & Fax Multiple Number

Get separate phone and fax numbers without installing a second line. Not available on NBN.

Multiple Number

An additional phone number for your existing phone line. Not available on NBN.

Rental Phone T1000C with SMS

Our Calling Number Display rental telephone can now send text messages.

Call Number Display (CND)

Help identify who is calling before you pick up the phone. Available on NBN for no charge.

Voice Directory Services

24/7 services connecting you to the number and information you need.

Other features

You also get access to the following phone features at no extra monthly subscription charge.

3-way Chat

3-Way Chat allows you to chat with two people at once. Not available on NBN

Call Return

Retrieve the number of your last answered call and get back to them by dialing *10#.

Call forward

Divert calls from your home phone to the number of your choice.

Call waiting

Answer a second incoming call by putting your first call on hold.

  • Fixed Account Analysis
  • Connection of 1300/1800 phone word numbers
  • Telstra Fixed Net products and services
  • Telstra Corporate Plans (for business and enterprise customers)
  • Churning and Porting fixed services from other providers to the Telstra network
  • Connection of new services (PSTN/ISDN)
  • Conversion from PSTN/Analogue to ISDN/Digital services and vice versa
  • Relocations, cancellations, redirections, diversions
  • Change of Lessee, setup new accounts, single bill
  • Support for billing issues, changes of billing address, etc.